The meaning of this blog

In a new situation, when it barely exists and does not even have a name, time is already doing its job. It’s happening now and it makes some sense. At least he has it for this child, who already feels engaged in it. For a child, almost everything is new and exciting.

This photograph is an open book about meaning. The child has seen something. He still does not know how to say what it is, but not only has he been engaged, but he wants to engage the other. To the adult, surely his father, who wishes to immortalize the son, because he loves him; but he’s going to cut off a finger, because the child is so fast that he has overstepped the frame.

This child shows promise. It will not be the last time he overstep the frame, and cut the wings for that reason.

What do I look for in this blog

I am looking for that children are born knowing, but that with the age of reason we lose. Although not all lose it.

Artists, even adults, find a meaning  that they express in their artworks. Whitman, said he found “letters from God thrown down the street”. He wrote poems that were like sending back those letters turned into messages in a bottle, so that others could also find them on the seashore.

In my case it was an artist -Jorge Oteiza- who taught me. He did it with his art works, but above all with his behavior and his reflections on existential aesthetics. I write these pages because I learned from him that, for mortals, existence is a loan that must be repaid.

The sense of existing and of surviving cannot be acquired only with art or visiting museums. Neither studying science and techniques, but learning to perceive and face the new personally in an increasingly tangled world.

The child in the photo is still innocent and does not distinguish good from evil. He is fascinated by what he has just discovered and, as he is an optimist, he thinks it is great. Life will teach him that the sun casts a dark shadow. That love can turn into hate and illusion into delirium. If he manages to survive his mistakes, this child may learn -or perhaps others- of his failures, avoiding repeating them. Humanity has evolved like this, learning from mistakes made. We call that experience.

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